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"Lost Luminaries" remixed by Navene K, former drummer of Animals as Leaders! Click on the picture for a free download of the track!!

"Lost Luminaries" remixed by Navene K, former drummer of Animals as Leaders! Click on the picture for a free download of the track!!

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We’re featured In this months issue of Front Magazine!

We’re featured In this months issue of Front Magazine!

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The Precursor official music video

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Mandroid Echostar EP Lyrics.

Kingdom and the Crown

Earth she speaks, pray the Gods might hear, 

'cause the water's rising, we can feel her fear.

Tread through the rivers of cities once standing,

through the falling, and embrace your kin at the foot of your family tree.

Skies will fall, under the weight of it all.

I know the words I would have said if, 

if the gods could hear us now.

I would do it all again, take back the kingdom and the crown.

I know the words I would’ve said, oh God please hear us beggars now.

Oh, it seems the worlds in reverse, we’re too late.

If we were children of the Gods, they would hear our song.

Still I know, creators remain in the stars, live this night in, a shield of celestial arms.

Lift your soul, shed light on darkening skies,

paradise in the kingdom of uprising tide.

We’re falling and falling fast. Hold on for your life.

We’re falling and falling fast. Look to the sky for the hand of some deity.

Sun arise from sleep, send back these waves from our homes and our cities.

We’re falling and falling fast. Bring us a dawn of illumination.

We’re falling and falling fast. Show us the way of a nature enlightening

Sun arise from sleep, cast out the demons of never ending night.

Dawn awake and sing, fear not my children, the orbit will flow once more, once more.

Lost Luminaries 

We awake to the sand on our skin, awake to the strangest terrain.

This place, a land of ancient minds and of memories.

Through the fog we forget who we are, held the earth with our eyes as the stars.

Now were ghosts, like a ghost, wander into this desert, desert of night.

Child, you are born of the earth, the lost wanderers curse.

The sand of the storm. Oh, in the heart of the demon. 

Lost ourselves in the eyes of the beast.

People of this wicked world, don’t you recognize me, my brother?

We no longer hear our sons, what fate has become of our daughters?

An unfamiliar face, oh this family fades into strangers.

Seven silent phantoms march, in this desert now and forever.

But weren’t we all part of the orbit?

We were, the fathers and the mothers of the children of the sea,

the sea, the sky, the earth.

None of this, no now none of this, seems like memory. They are dreams of lives before.

When a kingdom made of glass shattered to the finest sand.

Where the phantoms haunt the land, and they wander aimlessly, through this world.

The Precursor

Here we will watch the sea, rise above us all in the moonlight.

Haunted by all I see, one last night to know just how wrong we have been.

And I see the queen, in the leaves and branches scattered on the ground.

And I hear her sing, in the waves that bring our kingdom down.

This world of life and ancient stone, its rivers run through my haunted soul.

Our mother earth, our father stars, it takes the end just to know what we are.

Well the earth keeps on spinning, and the queen is still breathing.

It’s time that we left the throne of a world that was never our own.

On this never ending night, we feel the winds of parasight.

We are one with land and sky, and at the end we will break the divide.

In the wake of all our broken designs and the flaws of a mythical mind.

We will dream on through the waves, and find our way back to

the breaking of day.

Hear us mother, your children have gone too far, in this cold night,

something awakes in our hearts and our minds.

Tonight we find a path that leads back to the light, we wait for the dawn in the rain,

sleep through the waves.


Oh, the kingdom awaits, and I bring the shifting of the tides.

Feral serpents gaze, petrified protectors of the gate.

Soulless, battered and broken. Brought back from your grave in the stars.

You, my creation, mechanical being of woe. We will devour and conquer all.

So watch the ocean rise tonight, feel the winds of my haunted skies.

For you are a being of light, I have come here to lead you astray.

Hexaton, curse this earth. Illusion, orbiting in reverse

And once this world has been deprived of all its light,

I will begin the reign of endless parasight.

Dream through disaster.

The reign of serpents jaws wrapped around earth, prepare for falling skies.

For your temple walls will cave in, pray to your gods that you might stay alive.

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Lost Luminaries/Studio teaser

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